Prayer Ministry at OFM

‘Be who you were created to be, and you will set the world on fire’
(Catherine of Siena)

Prayer Ministry is an important part of the offering at OFM's national and regional events and seeks to provide an intentional space, in the company of fellow Christians, for the Holy Spirit to minister to a person seeking prayer for any area of their life, faith, work or ministry. It is founded on the belief that every person is made in the image of God and is loved beyond all measure by God who calls us into deeper relationship and desires to heal, comfort, strengthen, reconcile and equip.

Prayer ministers pray with and for the person seeking prayer; lifting them intentionally before the loving gaze of God, articulating the person’s particular concerns (where shared), and praying for their wholeness and flourishing. Ministry may also involve anointing with holy oil by a priest or the laying on of hands by lay or ordained ministers and may take place seated or standing depending on the needs of the person/ministers. Consent to touch, anoint etc. will always be asked. People sometimes experience a 'welling up' of emotion, a deep sense of peace, a feeling of warmth or simply relax into God's presence by 'resting in the Spirit'. Others may not outwardly experience anything, but whatever our experience of prayer ministry, we can be assured that God works unseen in the deepest fibres of our being. The safety, dignity and comfort of the person seeking prayer will be maintained at all times; whatever is shared with the prayer ministers remains confidential to that team except where safeguarding requires otherwise.

In order to ensure that prayer ministry at all OFM events is practiced in a way that is safe, accessible, inclusive and compassionate, all prayer ministers comply with best safeguarding practice and the prayer ministry guidelines which can be downloaded here. OFM do not support any attempt to change a person’s gender identity or sexual orientation through any form of ‘conversion therapy’. 

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